Neuter or Spay a Kitten

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First time owners of kittens are always horrified by the prospect of their little fluffy bundle being “fixed” – they just would not dream of it. Should you neuter or spay a kitten?You may think that this is far too brutal at such a tender age, but many cat experts would recommend that you consider this seriously before you make the commitment to buy/adopt a kitten.

It is surprising to most new owners that a cat can produce kittens as early as 6 months old. Not being prepared for, nor being informed of,  this can cause great problems and heartache not so far down the road. Could you really cope with a litter of kittens? Unless you have had some previous experience, it can be an upsetting time for the whole family. There is no doubt that many people take this in their stride, which is to be commended, but, if you have no idea what to do in this situation, then “fixing” your cat is the most caring and responsible option.

Neutering your male cat, although it may seem too early in your relationship, is not cruel and will, in many ways, enhance his quality of life. Your male kitten will be less likely to wander far from home and will have no desire to get involved in neighbourhood fights.

It is a fairly easy operation, although it might make your stomach lurch to think of it. A small incision is made to the skin covering the testicles. A little pressure is applied, the testicles are popped out and removed and the wound sutured.Cat at Vet

If you have a female kitten, you should be gratified to know that spaying should significantly increase her lifespan by reducing the likelihood of contracting possible uterine infections (which can be fatal) and lowering the risk of contracting cystic ovaries.

For females, it is a more invasive, but still relatively simple, procedure. It is a surgical process which involves a small cut to the abdomen allowing the ovaries and uterus to be removed – then the wound is sutured. As a female cat can go into “heat” every 14-21 days until she is mated, and with a heat cycle lasting from 3-16 days, the benefits of spaying are evident for both kitten and owner. A female that is not neutered will make every effort to seek out a mate and try to escape. She will also regularly spay urine during this period which is unpleasant and difficult to stop and probably not what you signed up for!

FIV – Feline immunodeficiency virus in male cats

Male kittens are susceptible to FIV – a virus likened to HIV in humans – which can be contracted by a bite. As neutering significantly reduces the likelihood that your cat will be involved in a cat fight, this also reduces the chances of FIV infection.

Please note – humans cannot contract FIV or HIV from cats and cats cannot catch either disease from humans. They are both species specific.

You should always discuss neutering and spaying with a trusted vet and give the matter some earnest consideration. As a matter of interest, Blink was “fixed”  and we have no regrets that we made this decision.         Blink



  1. Great post. It was interesting to read exactly how neutering and spaying happens. I agree with you that it is something that every pet owner should do with both dogs and cats. There are so many strays and unloved animals that don’t have loving homes, so it just makes sense to stop unnecessary pregnancies.
    The other benefits you mentioned are also great reasons to do this.

  2. What a cute website! I really like the pictures of the animated cats! So cute! I think you did a great job of keeping your definitions and explanations brief and to the point, going into just enough detail so that the reader has a solid understanding of what happens in the surgical proceeders without things getting too graphic or science focused.

  3. Thank you so much. I had great fun with the cartoon cats. So glad you liked them and thank you for your comment.


  4. Thank you for your lovely comments and I am so pleased that the page came across ok. It is heartbreaking when you see stray cats and dogs and are unable to do anything to help. Thanks again


  5. Hi ,
    My first kitten I ever got got FIV and she was almost due for spaying but because her health was deteriorating we were trying to treat those symptoms first. She was a great kitten. During that time, I had two other kittens who were older but due for spaying. Since my first kitten had FIV i was hoping she would get better so all three could be spayed at once. It was horrible. They were in heat alternating days, screaming and marking things. That all changed when we got them spayed. When it comes to say and neuter benefits outweigh the risk.

  6. Hi Sofia and thank you for your comment. So sorry that you had to endure that situation but really glad that it all worked out. They are such tiny things and you feel so helpless. I have heard some really bad stories recently which just makes me want to help people really understand the health implications involved.

    Thanks again and best wishes to you and your kitties.


  7. My wife and I have three male cats at home and they have all been neutered and they don’t wander far from home and rarely get into fights.

    I think this is very good as it makes it a lot easier to look after them and they don’t cause the neighbours any problems either.

    We live in a cu de sac, so it’s safer for the cats to go outside and they like that and we don’t have to go far to look for them, so it’s a very good idea to get your cats ‘fixed’.

  8. Hi Adrian and thank you for your comment.

    I very much agree with you and it is something I would recommend. I do, though, understand that it is a tough decision to make and, if there is any doubt, a good chat with a reputable vet will usually lay any fears to rest.

    Thanks again to you, your wife and, of course, your 3 precious cats.

    Kind regards

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