Best Toys For Kittens

Play with me please


Keeping Blink active is not a problem. He does, however, have a low boredom threshold, so, instead of panicking and buying every toy at the pet shop (which was my first instinct), I bought a selection of low priced items and then set about researching the recommended best toys for kittens.

As he becomes familiar with your house and family, be prepared for your cuddly kitten to show an aggressive side that may take you a little by surprise. Cats are naturally predatory and need to have suitable outlets for this behaviour.

There are many toys, manfactured and home made, which should help your kitten to fulfill his inherent “hunt” skills. Playing together 2 or 3 times per day, will help to control excess energy (your kittens and your own) and, depending on the toy, allow him to experience the inherent thrill of the hunt.

To be avoided

Before revealing the best toys to be found on the market, I think it is best to share what the experts warn to be avoided as severe risks to your kittens health –

  • Cute plush toys – everyone loves a cuddly toy and kittens are no exception. Beware, however, of those with googly button eyes which can easily be clawed off and swallowed. Check out the fillings. Very often they are filled with beans, polystyrene and cotton. Kittens like to use soft toys as pretend prey and will often disembowel a toy and, of course, swallow the contents.
  • Ribbons, wool, string – easily swallowed. Vets warn sternly about these items. Kittens will have great fun but, if digested, these simple household items can clog up the intestines and you may find yourself with a very poorly animal to the extent that it may well be a threat to life.
  • Very small balls – you’ve guessed it, easily swallowed. Never give your kitten an item that he could choke on or even inhale.


Choosing the best toys

I was sure that it would take ten minutes to read up on toys and play time. After five minutes my nerves were shattered and I instantly confiscated most of the toys I had bought with no thought. Luckily, Blink had not played with them for any length of time and had not “bonded”. Seriously, it had never occurred to me that I could have been responsible for the demise of our fluffy bundle. So, armed with catalogues, books and internet sites, I donned my reading glasses and prepared myself for some heavy research.  The following results have been carefully tested by Blink and pronounced kitten friendly.

Cats and kittens are hunters by nature so a favourite toy is the wiggly thing on a pole, (as we call it).