Choosing Wisely 2 – Purebreed or Crossbreed

Really good choicePreviously, we looked at where you are likely to get your kitten from. Having decided, your next choice will be – male or female. As we discussed before, once your kitten is spayed or neutered, there is no significant difference in choosing either. It will most likely be down to personal preference and what sexes are available at that time.

Do I choose a Purebreed or a Crossbreed?     There are many breeds to choose from, which can be mind boggling, but it is worth taking time to ensure you pick the kitten type that will fit into your family lifestyle.

Crossbreed kittens have been labeled by some, most unflatteringly and unfairly, as moggies. These little bundles of fur very often make the most cute and loveable pets. Usually a mixture of at least two breeds, it is unlikely that you will be able to foretell the size, shape and colour your kitten will become. This, in itself, can be priceless – especially if you have children. As the kitten becomes a cat, and as each characteristic develops, you will be assured some great enjoyment and entertainment in watching every progressive stage as it happens. In no time at all, you will get a glimpse of the emerging adult cat. By this time, of course, you will be completely in love with your kitten and it will not matter anyway.

If it is important for you to know the lineage of your kitten then a pure bred kitten is for you. There are so many types of cat to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming. For your guidance, I have provided much more information here. Please take the time to evaluate the pros and cons of each breed because, once you have chosen, a kitten is for life.