How to kitten proof your home

Is this my playroom?One of  the best pieces of advice I can give is – learn how to kitten proof your home!

I expected this to be merely a matter of common sense but, after consulting films, books and blogs, I realised that my lovely home was a potential Kitten CATastrophe (apologies for that – I could not resist).

Our family got together and toured the house looking for hazards.

First on the list was our collection of ornaments. As these were quite expensive, we opted to place a selection in closed cabinets and some in the loft. So far, no issues here.

Next we tidied up our trailing cords (surprised that WE have not had a tripping accident) Electric Shock Catto make sure that these could not be bitten through.

We invested in some plastic ties and secured all that we could find.

Doors and windows are another worry. Kittens are curious and will explore anywhere that is accessible. We made sure that all escape routes were identified and attended to. Later, when Blink becomes a big boy, we will consider a cat flap or some other alternative to closed doors. We have still not determined if he will be an “indoors or outdoors” cat. We need to look at the pros and cons of both and take action to be prepared. Read more here



Blinds on doors and windows are an extreme hazard. These offer great fun to a curious and developing kitten but can result in disaster. At the risk of preaching, always ensure that cords are well wound and not left dangling.


Household and garden plants were next on the list for discussion. We all agreed that they would be too tempting for a kitten. They look scrumptious enough for a good chew and are easily knocked over so, reluctantly, we put some in the greenhouse and others we gave away. What I found profoundly staggering was the many plants that are toxic and dangerous to felines. These include:



TulipsTulipIvyIvy ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum


Please note – this list is not exhaustive and is intended as a guide only – if you are in any doubt, a thorough list can be obtained at several online vets and also your local veterinary practice

Last but by no means least, consider purchasing a set of eyes for the back of your head. You will need them!

white cat drawing blink



  1. Aw, really good info! Indeed it’s important to be prepared, I learnt the bad way you can’t just let a cat into your home and expect “everything to be okay” nope! That catastrophe pun was also nice hahaha. Very good advice and tips, they are very curious and you need to be ready for their little mischievous acts. Hope you have a nice day!!

  2. Hello Lynne, I would love to see photos of Blink on your Website. Maybe you might have a page where your visitors can add pictures of their cats with a little Bio of them. I had always been more doggy but lost my boy last year and our family now has Two cats, they are brothers, their names are Vinnie And Tash, both neutered great advice on that. They are still indoors cats as they are not a year old yet and there are a lot of male un neutered cats on our estate so I am a bit wary, I might change my mind after they are a year old. They are micro chipped but have never escaped yet. They also give me a lot of joy Vinnie cuddles up to me a lot.
    I was reading up about scratch posts made from cardboard boxes. You could add stuff like this too, my settees and carpet are old but now old and shredded as is my door curtain if shut at night they climb up it. I need to learn more about portions of food as they are getting a bit lardy. For their food I tend to cat tins of meat and for variation I used boxes of complete food biscuits instead of treats. I did have a fresh cat mint plant but they ate it and were totally stupid on it. I buy dried catnip sometimes which they enjoy.
    I Love these felt cat caves that people make, have you seen them?
    Also where did you get your wiggly thing on a stick, please?
    It’s a lovely site and look forward to reading more stuff once you have added it. Thanks.

  3. Hi Andi,

    Thank you for commenting on my page. I am very grateful. It is crazy how much more prepared you need to be for a kitten versus a puppy. As you probably noticed, I am not so far into WA and will add much more to the site, including photos of Blink. Looking forward to sharing much more of his antics and what a great idea to have others post their photos. Thanks again and take care.


  4. Hi Mike and thank you for commenting on my site. It is very much appreciated. I have lots more content to post to my site and taking every chance I can get to work on it, although I am really behind. And yes, I agree with you, things are never quite the same when you have a cat in your life. Thanks again and take.


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